Manufacturer- Evaluation- Design- Support

Manufacture of various products

GeoParsian is capable of manufacturing more than 40 Geosynthetic products, such as different types of single and double-stranded polystyrene polymeric coated Geogrids with the strength of 20 to 600 KN/m, different asphalt Geogrid glass fibers and bitumen coated and different asphalt Geocomposites glass fibers with AR Geotextile and a range of Geobag and Geocomposite with Polyester fibers.

Quality Control (QC)

Textile & polymer laboratory of GeoParsian company consistently evaluate the raw materials, production line, and the final products in accordance with the standard criteria. By employing up-to-dated German machineries in the production line, using high quality raw materials, and by using experience and knowledge of expert workforce in the process of production and quality control department this company has been successful in manufacturing Geosynthetic products in conformity with the highest global standards.

Geoparsian has the capability of manufacturing a range of products with various technical properties for special projects.

About us

GeoParsian Company

GeoParsian Company is a subsidiary of Ghadi holding. This institute was founded in Iran in 2006 using a group of veteran managers and benefitting from the knowledge and expertise of technical textile engineers and civil engineers with the aim of manufacturing geosynthetic products in conformity with the highest international standards.

GeoParsian Company is regarded as the first and the only manufacturer of Geogrids and GeoComposite products in Iran and the Middle-East, and all its products are marketed under the brand of GeoParsian.

Superior technology

Better quality

By utilizing high-tech machineries made in Germany and conducting comprehensive international researches, GeoParsian Company has managed to successfully produce Geogrids and GeoComposite products to be used in different civil engineering projects, such as retaining walls, Reinforced Soil Slopes (RSS), improving road and railroad subgrades, pavement engineering, pipelines, and preserving coasts.

Through manufacturing more than 40 Geosynthetic products this institution plays a vital role in many infrastructure projects both in Iran and abroad.